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“What matters to you, matters to me.” – George Eljouni, Principal Financial Adviser

From the beginning, George has built strong relationships with clients who have a common need – to identify financial goals, set an achievable plan and mitigate risks. His personal approach to finance means he has developed a community of clients who he advises on a regular basis, through every stage of life. But don’t just take our word for it – read genuine client stories. These people began their journey looking for a reliable adviser, before they met George and achieved a whole lot more.

  • "After a long working life, I required assistance regarding my financial future.  George has provided this help and made life less stressful. He prepared a financial plan, set up a pension account and has given me general financial advice. George Eljouni, Principal Financial Adviser has a very professional approach and is always on hand to advise and respond to any queries, as is his very capable and helpful assistant Monica. Very importantly, they also have a sense of humour!"

    Susan Retired
  • "Alison and I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your services. Although not part of your engagement to us, you went out of your way, provided encouragement and pushed us in the right direction. Without your persistence, we would not have utilised Best Doctors for our son’s needs, and he would have undergone a very critical operation on his spine and brain. It’s reassuring to know that you care not only about our finances and goals, but our family. Thank you."

    Alison & Brendan CEO Interactive Intelligence Australasia
  • "I have been a client for 9 years. I chose George Eljouni for his comprehensive service offering. I was looking for independent financial planning advice and mortgage loans. Plus George has a good understanding of small business tax issues. George helped restructure my home / investment loan and proactively negotiated good rates without my having to ask. He was prompt in his response and was always contactable. He also helped us draw up a longer-term financial plan. I would refer George because of his long operating history, efficient service and knowledgeable staff, and his ability to provide a more comprehensive service offering."

    Jean Market Manager
  • "I’ve had other financial planners, but George has been by far the best. His expertise and attention to detail is second to none. He quickly identified the risk factors associated with the strategy from our previous financial planner and re-structured our investments to lower our risk. He walked us through the plan for a comfortable retirement with the part pension. Our holidays are important to us and the plan made sure we had the funds."

    Kevin & Angela Retired
  • "I’ve been a client of George’s for over one year and in that time he has assisted me with Superannuation, Life Insurance, Income Protection and Financial Planning. What’s impressed me the most is his substantial knowledge and professionalism on financial matters, as well providing a friendly service and going that extra mile. George provided us with great financial advice regarding an Estate issue. I would definitely recommend him to my friends, family and others."

    Tina Receptionist
  • "George Eljouni provides an excellent benefit offering to staff. We engaged with George as part of our company’s benefits program. We wanted to present our staff with the opportunity to receive expert, confidential, financial advice. George not only assists our staff with their current financial plans, but also their future and our staff feel very lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge available to them. The process of engaging George has been seamless and we’ve had wonderful feedback on George’s professional and personal approach. We will continue to engage George Eljouni’s services."

    Erin Hansell HR Partner
  • "I heard really good things about George from a friend. He has lived up to the recommendation, with friendly service and a great strategy to eliminate tax and build up my super for early retirement."

    Robyn Customer Services and Admissions Clerk
  • "I really can’t remember when I first started with George – it’s been many years now. George really listens and is always available to discuss my situation. I trust him to get the best outcome that suits my needs but also trust him to do the best for my family and friends that I’ve recommended."

    Sandra HR Manager
  • "I’ve been with George for five years and he’s always on time, it’s a sign of the respect he has for his clients. He’s handled my super, insurances and home loans. By rolling my home loan into another product George not only saved me money, but also enabled me to save. I recommended him to my family and friends because he offers great service and makes your financial plan easy to understand."

    Paul Projects Engineer
  • "George was recommended to me by somebody I trust and proved himself to be worthy of that trust. One thing I was particularly impressed with was that George’s final set of recommendations meant that he would get less business from me this time around… I knew then that he had my best interests at heart."

    Anne Senior Business Analyst
  • "The communication and time spent with me explaining everything step by step was helpful and reassuring. I now have all my finances in order. I have a superannuation scheme in place set up by George and his team that is perfectly suited to me. I’m pleased to say I am very confident of the future for my family. George provides an amazingly high level of customer service and is honest and reliable. He takes pride in his work and his word, which is something rare to find these days."

    Sam Franchisee Operator
  • "George Eljouni has provided us with understandable, no fuss retirement advice. During the 12 years we’ve been clients; he has assisted us with home loans, investment loans and managed our retirement transition fund. We would recommend George to friends and family for his honesty, integrity and because nothing is too much trouble. He is also easy to talk to (especially about cars!)."

    Bruce & Rosemary Sales Manager and Nurse Team Leader
  • "George Eljouni’s service is 5 star!  He has assisted me with SMSF and Insurance and was very thorough explaining the whole scenario with SMSF to me and replying promptly to my messages and phone calls.  I would definitely recommend George as trust is a key factor when dealing with client’s super funds and also because of his excellent product knowledge."

    Gerry Estate Agent
  • “In 5 months with George, he has assisted with life insurance, super and future investments.  In that time, by restructuring our super, we’ve noticed more growth without paying any extra!  I would recommend George to others as he offers good follow up on everything we discuss.”

    Wade Electrician
  • "George is very switched on and gives me great advice. His solution for my super not only made me more money, but also allowed me to have life insurance at no extra cost. Over the three years I’ve been with George his communication has always been open, transparent and friendly. He is a great person to deal with."

    Matthew IT Manager
  • "George and his team are very organised and helpful.  They assisted me with financial advice and helping me to understand superannuation, which has resulted in a positive outcome!  I would recommend them to friends and family because they are trustworthy and knowledgeable."

    Ilona Public Servant
  • I enjoy working with George Eljouni over other businesses because of his professional and efficient business culture.  I get direct answers to my questions.  George has helped me make the tough decisions to do with my property investments and long-term plans.  I now have a positive focus going forward and am very grateful for George and his teams help.  They didn’t waste my time but directly helped me and gave answers I needed.

    Aaron Senior Applications Developer
  • "What’s impressed me about George Eljouni and his team in the 5+ years I have been a client, is that they are always attentive.  They have assisted me with mortgage and personal finance issues, in particular Superannuation, which resulted in a positive outcome.  They are professional, accurate and personable."

    Roy Field Officer
  • "George seeks to understand your financial goals as well as lifestyle, to provide you with a total picture when looking at your borrowing needs.  With George and his team it’s more than just a transaction, they want to understand your needs as a customer, structuring your loan so that it works best for you and they build long term relationships with their customers."

    Ivan and Bianca Head of Digital Experience
  • "We needed to settle on our property quickly and George was able to ensure we got the loan we needed in ample time so we could settle on the house stress free.  We recommend George and his team because they are easy to deal with, always get the results you want and provide you with the best recommendations and advice to set up your financial future."

    Luke & Josephine Builder & Research Analyst
  • "When dealing with George and his team, they make you feel like part of the family.  In helping with 2 mortgages, super and insurance, they’ve been very friendly and welcoming, and offered honest, straight forward advice.  We’ve had numerous issues with the banks slow response regarding our mortgages – They went above and beyond to get a result prior to settlement."

    Kane Area Manager
  • "Incredibly personable and helpful is what’s impressed me about George Eljouni’s service.  I would most certainly refer him based on his knowledge, advice and the way we are dealt with as clients."

    Shona Consultant
  • "Nothing is ever too complicated with George.  In setting up an SMSF, George and his team have helped us break it down into simple decisions and put us at ease through the process.  We’ve already recommended them to 2 friends with many more to come!  They’re just always ready to help and nothing is ever too hard."

    Mary Designer/ Business Development
  • "We went to George for assistance with our superannuation, life insurance and financial advice.  In 6 months, we have found his service highly professional.  He provides clear, well researched information which is easy to understand and aims to achieve our goals.  George shows a genuine interest in our plans and his response time, if not immediately available, is very prompt.  We would definitely recommend George and his team."

    Donna and Peter Assistant Accountant
  • "After 5 years of thorough, well informed and friendly service, we would absolutely recommend George Eljouni. He has assisted us with investment home loans, buy / sell insurance and income protection.  He has held our hand through the whole process and explained everything in detail.  Thank you for all your help!"

    Mario Business Owner/ Electrical Contracting
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